How to select air curtain,10 buying guides to choose the right air curtain

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Air curtain or air door is equipment that creates an invisible air barrier between the inside and outside environment. It can stop the warm or cold air from coming inside, reduces your electricity bill up to 50% by improving air conditioning efficiency. It also prevents insects and dust from entering inside to ensure clean air in the room. It is normally used at the Entrance and exit of commercial premises, like shopping mall, airports, hotels, restaurants, and industrial factories. So it is very important to choose the suitable air curtain, and I promise the followed 10tips will very useful.

1. The high of the door

  • The airflow needs to cover the whole length of the door(from top to the floor) to ensure air curtain work efficiently if the airflow is too weak, the outside air will come inside from the bottom of the door. for instance, the door height is less than 3m, we recommend cross-flow type air curtain. the door height is more than 3m, centrifugal type air curtain is required.

2. The width of the door

  • The air curtain length should be the same or a little wider than the door opening width, so the outside air can not go inside from the two sides of the door. the standard air curtain length is 900mm,1200mm 1500mm 18000mm,2000mm, if the door width is more than 2m width, we can use several air curtains in a row.

3. Additional function

  • UV light,so some special places,such as hospitial uv light air curtain is highly need. and there two years more and more places require this beacuse of the covid-19.
  • Door sensor, it can save energy when using door sensor or magnetic switch. Normally it is equipped with automatic door.

4. Heated or unheated

  • For some cold places, heated function is required, so when people pass the door, they will feel comfortable, according to customer requirements,we have PTC and electrical tube air curtain and water heated air curtain to choose.

5. Power supply

  • As the power supply is different in each country,such as 220v 50hz , 380v 50hz 3p 1p in China,110v 60hz 1p,220v 60hz 3p in south Amercia. Then we will use the suitable motor for the air curtain.

6. Installation space

  • Top installation,normally we install air curtain on the top of the door, as it can save cost and space.
  • Vertical installation, when there is no enough space on the top of the door, then we can use vertical type air curtain. put air curtain on each side of the door.

7. Revoling type Door air curtain

Normally it is used in Star hotels and upscale offices. so revolving air curtain needs a special beautiful design according to the size of the revolving door. The air curtain color should be the same as the door.

8. Noise level

On different occasions, people’s sensitivity to sound is different. For example, in factories, the environment is noisy, then the sound requirements will not be very high, then we can choose centrifugal type air curtain . But if in office buildings or hotels, air curtain running sound is too loud, often it will affect people’s work and rest. so we need to choose cross-flow type air curtain.

9. Installation environment

  • For Humid environment, then we need to choose SS304 air curtain with aluminum impeller.
  • If we install the air curtain for the cold storage room, then we need to install the outside of the door to avoid the broken
  • For transportation vehicles such as buses, refrigerated trucks, fruit and beverage delivery trucks, then we need to use DC air curtain 12v or 24v. It can save energy and keep the food is fresh.

10. The common choosing mistakes

  • High volume air curtain , In the same condition, it is not the right choice to use the high-volume air curtain. When you choose the High air volume, you choose the loud noise at the same time.
  • The higher airspeed, the better barrier effect, but in fact, in the same condition, when you choose the higher speed, the air will reflect on the ground, then it will lose the barrier effect.
  • Choose the entirety heated air curtain, If the door is more than 2m height, for the lower part you can choose heated air curtain, for the part more than 2m height you can choose nonheated function, then you can save the electrical energy consumption.

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