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industry air curtain for 5m door

Whether you are looking for a commercial or industry air curtain, we have a solution for you.


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From the busy shopping malls to industrial warehouses, our air curtains have proven time and time again to be reliable and effective at keeping cold air or dusty out and maintaining a comfortable environment


Warehouse Air Curtain
Slid door air curtain
industry air curtain
Industry air curtain
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DC12/24V air curtain
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Ceiling air curtain
Air Curtain cold romm
Cold Storage Air Curtain

Two Years Guarantee Air Curtain

CD Airtech is a premier Chinese supplier for different air curtains, such as non-heated air curtain and  water heated air curtain, electrical heated air curtain, DC air curtain for transportation, industry air curtain.We have very strong production capacity and 10 design engineers to match your requirements

vertical air curtain
Vertical Air Curtain
centrigufal air curtain
Centrifugal Air Curtain
centrifugal air curtain
Alu Air Curtain
cross flow air curtain
Cross flow Air Curtain
cold storage air curtain
cold storage air curtain
DC12v/24v Air Curtain

Why More Than 1000+ Clients Over The World Choose Us As Air Curtain Supplier?

As we have very strict processes from spare parts,assembly,inspection,packing and delivery


Core Parts Control

We produce the core parts by ourself



Enough parts in stock

Production site

Very clean site to ensure the quality

trial order delivery


Support for trial order to test quality

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Fast Delivery

More than 1000units per month

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Strong Package

Safty for long-distance delivery

Our Happy Clients From 20+ Countries

Serpil Par
Buyer from UK

Even over such a long distance, CD Air Tech have always been one of our best suppliers in China.

Faizan Ahmad
Engineer from Switzerland

Quality product, great price, fast shipping, accurate description, highly recommende

Justin Dunham
Engineer from France

One of our best partners with high-quality, at an affordable price, with incredible production time.

Matthew Drew
Purchage manager from USA

I’ve been working with CD Air Tech for 5 years. They are realiable, and my retailers have never complained about the product.

Aya Ahmad
Buyer from Nigeria

Working with CD Air Tech is much less hassle. They are professional, what I need do is wait for my goods.

Dina Arafa
Owner from Australia

Professional service, so I can expend my business in a short time, I will purchase new products soon.

—10 buying guides to choose the right air curtain

  • The high of the door 
  • The width of the door
  • Additional function
  • Heated or unheated
  • Installation space
  • Power supply
  • Revoling type Door air curtain
  • Noise level
  • Installation environment
  • The common choosing mistakes


—8 tips to choose your best air curtain supplier

  • Enough spare parts
  • Customer visit On-site
  • A trial order
  • Quality control system
  • After-sales service
  • In time delivery
  • Do not choose the lowest price
  • Customized products

Stainless steel 304 material provides several key advantages that make it ideal for these applications, it’s also more expensive than some other materials:

1. Durability: 

2. Corrosion Resistance: 

3. Heat Resistance: 

4. Hygiene: 

5. Aesthetics:


Anti-explosion air curtains are designed for dangerous environments.These are typically encountered in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, mining, and certain manufacturing environments:

  1. Explosion-Proof Motors: 

  2. Spark Resistant Construction:

  3. Intrinsically Safe Controls: 

  4. Compliance with Safety Standards:

  5. Robust Construction: 

The Process Of Ordering From Us

Import Air Curtain From China To Your Country

 Step 1  Detail requirements communication(1-2days)

It’s very important to know your needs , then we will prepare the drawing and final product photo with your logo for you to confirm. 


 Step 2  Production and Quality inspection (3-5days)

After you confirm the drawing and photo,we start to produce. Assemble will take 2-3days, we will pay more attention to the quality inspection.

production site

Step 3  Packing 

Our standard package is carton with foam, then put them on the pallet to arrange delivery it can keep the product safe for long-distance transportation.

package type

Step 4  Delivery

By air 5-7days, we cooperate with DHL, FedEx and other professional forwarders who can provide DDP service.  By sea 30-40day,it will take more time, but can save the cost.


You Can Get Valueable & Professional Serive From Us

Looking for a reliable partner for air curtain solutions?

Our expert team is ready to provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. You will get an accurate quotation within 1 working day.


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5 Principles To Choose Professional Air Curtain Supplier In China

  1. Save your time and cost

  2. Find high quality product

  3. Increase your market share

  4. Reduce your after-sales service time

  5. Supprt your customer more professional