FAQ About CD Airtech

Do you support for sample test?

Yes, we can support for trial order for quality test. Normally we can arrange air curtain delivery from China to customer address directly by courier. It is good for our long time cooperation.

How long does it usually take before delivery the goods?

It depends on whether you need our standard products or want to do customization, and also depends on the speed of customs clearance and logistics. We have standard prodcuts in stock, so can arrange delivery in three working days.

How Much Does an Air Curtain Cost?

It depends on your requirement, from 100usd to 1000usd. As we have different size of air curtain, for the commercial use and for industrial use. You can contact our expert to get the details cost.

Can I come to China for factory inspection?

Of course, but now it is better to wait until the epidemic subsides. Now we support online factory inspection, or you can arrange the third party to inspection

How do you guarantee your products quality?

We have 4 steps for quality control system:原料管理,アセンブル制御,テストコントロール,packing control

Why you can ship so quickly?

We are the top 3 air curtain facotry in China, with two 2000sqm warehouse for stock and raw material, so we can finish assebly quickly and arrange delivery within 3day.


当社の輸出担当マネージャーが以内にご連絡いたします。 1 就業日, メールにご注意ください: export@cdairtech.com

5 中国でプロのエアカーテンサプライヤーを選択する原則

  1. 時間とコストを節約

  2. 高品質の製品を探す

  3. 市場シェアを拡大

  4. アフターサービスの時間を短縮

  5. 顧客をよりプロフェッショナルにサポート