How to choose the professional air curtain supplier

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8 Useful tips will help you.

Once you have already confirmed which type of air curtain do next step is to choose the best professional supplier. Especially there are many air curtain suppliers in the market in China, such as factories and there are different things to consider before purchasing. If you buy high-quality air curtain then the outcome will be recognized by the market. Thus, your business can be better day by day. And your market share will increase too.
However, some suppliers offer low-quality products that need to be avoided. It is of vital importance to make sure that you can choose the right supplier. You can follow some steps below:

1. Enough stock of spare parts and raw materials.

Strong capacity is very critical, Some suppliers don’t have the material in stock, they only purchase raw material when they have orders, so it will take time. CD Airtech have two big warehouses, one is for spare parts, the other is for standard products.


2. Support for customer visit On-site

Some small factories do not want customers to visit, as their job site is not in good condition.CD Airtech welcome customers to visit us, we have different sections for process, assemble, quality control, packing, 창고.

3. A trial order to test quality is possible

CD Airtech support for trial orders, as we have confidence for our quality. and we also understand that customers need to test the sample before bulk order.

4. Perfect quality control system

Without quality control system, nobody can ensure product quality.CD Airtech quality control process includes: raw material control, machining control, assemble control, test control, and packing control

quality control process

5. Good after-sales service

When you receive the air curtain, then you need to consider the installation, the service is very important. And there is no perfect product in the world, when you face some quality issue, then the quick troubleshooting is very useful.

if any customer makes quality complains, for small issue, CD airtech service department will solve it online quickly, regarding the hard issue, They will report directly to our management. Normally, we will hold a meeting with the production, purchasing quality control, and packing departments in 24hours and feedback to customers with solutions in 48 hours.

6. Fast and in time delivery

Many suppliers already delay the delivery with different excuses,as they do not have the production schedule management.

7. 최저가를 선택하지 마세요.

Low prices are always accompanied with high risk, maybe quality, quantity or reputation. That supplier doesn’t looking for long time cooperation, only for one time shot.

8. Support for customized products

Some suppliers only provide standard products, as it is not easy and will take more time for negotiation and production, we have 10degisns engineers and different processing equipment to meet customer requirements,

I am Miles, the Export Sales Director of I have been working at air curtain factory for more than 10 연령. You can contact me with any question about air curtain.

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